Iceland, where do I start?

Standing on the Reykjavik coastline the wind was at a constant force, overlooking a modern stainless steel sculpture of a viking ship, we realized that it was happening.  Iceland was happening!  A few steps forward and we were standing on the soft icelandic moss, engulfed in the cool crisp breeze, content for a moment as we wondered how the next two weeks would unfold.


The trip had begun as part sightseeing/part backpacking but once we delved into the details and called around it was apparent that their would be no backpacking due to weather, park restrictions, and accessibility.  With a multitude of attractions to discuss and countless regions to describe I’ll be breaking our trip around “Ring Road” down into four segments going counter-clockwise around the country as well as a post for the Vestmannaeyjar (westman) islands which we took a ferry to, stayed a night, met some people that knew a friend of mine, and held a puffin there.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.40.51 AM

*Ring Road – It’s the main road which connects all the main towns around Iceland together.  With a total length of about 828 miles we drove it and a bit more over the course of two weeks 🙂

Stay tuned …